Meet JoAnn Johnston


Creekside is led by JoAnn Johnston – a seasoned marketing communications strategist and content development specialist focused on serving technology and services companies.

JoAnn Johnston Creekside CommunicationsFor more than 25 years, JoAnn has helped dozens of startups and established companies plan and manage hundreds of successful company and product launches. Former clients include Apple Computer, Cisco Systems, Collabra Software,, Juniper Networks, Kaiser Permanente, Netscape Communications, Madge Networks, Online Anywhere/Yahoo!, Postini, Sentient Networks, Software BuyLine, 2Roam, Visioneer, WarpSpeed Communications and WebTV, among others.

Before founding Creekside, JoAnn held senior account and agency management positions with Regis McKenna, and Cynthia L. Stirling & Associates. In addition, she forged successful independent contracting relationships with numerous other Silicon Valley technology PR firms.

JoAnn holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley. In her spare time, she enjoys shopping for vintage bargains, power walking with friends, and spending time with her family – including her beloved family dogs.


• Application Software
• Cloud Computing
• Communications and Collaboration
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Electronic Commerce
• Email & Groupware
• Enterprise Software
• Green/Sustainable Solutions and Services
• IT Services
• Internet/Intranet/Web 2.0
• Networking
• Peripherals
• Personal Computers
• Security
• Software Tools/Developer Relations
• Telecomms/SPs/Cable Operators
• Wireless and Mobile


• Education
• Financial Services
• Healthcare
• Media and Entertainment
• Manufacturing
• Public Safety
• Publishing
• Real Estate
• Retail

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